Archives of ethnology, folklore and in related fields (e.g. folklore archives, ethnological archives, oral history archives, sound archives, archives of cultural and literary history, cultural heritage archives) serve as a crucial part of the world’s social memory and cultural heritage. The SIEF Working Group of Archives builds a much-needed network between these archives, between scholars working in these archives and scholars working on them. These archives encompass historical and cultural heritage dimensions and function therefore also as repositories of knowledge in and of our field(s). The concept of the ‘archive’ is taken broadly as it includes also collections of materials which are gathered randomly, formal organizational archives of research institutions, and ‘research data’—the collections and personal archives of individual researchers.


The mission of the working group is to bring together practitioners and theorists in archival research and in the relevant fields of the humanities. Read more...


The members of the SIEF Working Group are from different countries and represent many tradition archives. Though a member should not be a representative of an archive to join the working group. Read more...


The board of the Working Group on Archives is re-elected every four years. Read more...

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